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As a Diverse Company we are able to meet any customer demands, we have broke down our Company specialties into 3 main groups below:


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Please click to view our Defense Capabilities. We are a 1st tier supplyer to the US Government.

Fabrication & Sewing

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In todays industry it is important to be as diverse as possible, I do hope our additional Fab & Sewing facilities can meet your needs.


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A.P.M.I. Is a supplier to many different manufacturing fields, let us quote your needs today.

ISO Cert

ISO Certified

We are ISO 9001:2008 certified click to see copy of our certificate.


Current News

To service our customers and to keep costs as competative as possible, APMI decided that a Flow Waterjet would make a smart investment to speed up certain manufacturing operations that would be more expensive to manufacture on a regular CNC mill. We have also designed our own garnet removal system to keep Waterjet down times to a minimum, a tube system at the bottom of the tank extracts the garnet using two solid waste pumps. The Garnet is then collected in a hopper and can be disposed of, all this is done while the Waterjet is still in operation.

Advanced Precision Manufacturing Inc (APMI) will be at the "Design 2 Part" Show May 1st 2012 until May 2nd 2012. Click Here to be a guest of A.P.M.I. We hope to see you there.

Advanced Precision Manufacturing Inc (APMI) is a state of the art manufacturing facilty in Elk Grove Village Illinois that is ISO9001:2008 certified, providing 3, 4, and 5 axis CNC milling of up to 29"x 62" x 78", CNC High Speed milling, CNC turning up to a 62" diameter, Laser cutting, Water jet cutting, Rolling machine, Forming press brake and Robotic welding capabilities for aerospace, military, oil drilling, power generation, medical and various other industries. APMI offers services such as assembly for turnkey products, and special processes done by recognized aerospace qualified suppliers.

APMI specializes in low to high volumes for materials ranging from aircraft aluminum to aerospace exotics such as Inconel, Titanium, Copper, Beryllium, Waspalloy, and Hastalloy. Our secondary operations include a full in-house tool room. We work to customer specified tolerances and we are recognized by major customers as "Certified Supplier" and "Self-Release - Source Inspection."

Mission Statement:  

The goal of Advanced Precision Manufacturing Inc is to be a WORLD CLASS SUPPLIER of quality machine parts that meet, regulatory, statutory, and customer requirements for aerospace, military, oil drilling, power generation, medical and various other industries.

   Executive Management and all employees achieve this goal through quality planning, training and continuous improvement.

   Advanced Precision Manufacturing Inc has developed a quality management system based on the ISO 9001:2008. This system has been implemented to assure a consistent approach toward achieving the defined quality objectives, which are reviewed and monitored by Executive Management. APMI will be adding AS9001 to the quality management system by the end of 2012.

   The Quality Policy is communicated throughout the organization through training, internal audits, & various postings throughout the facility.



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Flow Waterjet

Our Flow water can cut through exotic materials upto 6" thick. See our Capabilities for full specification.

Trumpf Laser

Our Trumpf Laser can cut steel 3/4" thick 10' x 5' table with pallet system, See our Capabilities for full specification.

Gulmadra Brake Press

Our Brake Press can Bend steel with up to 50 tons of pressure, See our Capabilities for full specification.

Govt & Commercial Sewing

We have 5 Sewing Machines for Military and Commercial work, See our Capabilities for full specification.

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